aienet is a growing Info-entertainment and net commerce provider. We are working with our customers since 1996. We focus on building efficient and effective web solutions for companies and organizations nationwide. The Internet offers tremendous opportunities for businesses to cut costs and open up new revenue streams, but you need to have the right combination of people, technology and strategy to fully capitalize on its potential.


We are promoting different products and services in the Internet that will enable the customer to fulfill their requirements. We are into

Our Team

All of our aienet family members are qualified professionals and well experts in developing, maintaining and promotion of websites, portals and payment gateways with affordable, effective web solutions. The depth of our technical expertise, which is fundamental to our success and that of our clients. We can promote and establish your organization to develop a vital competitive edge in the global village.

Customer Satisfaction

You will be of your utmost satisfaction in both technically and commercially from our output. We are also available online for more than happy to assist you at any time.

Our mission Statement is to provide highest level of customer service as aptly mentioned, “where service is the way of life” * We believe in your time ! Money !! and long lasting healthy business association !!!

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